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Castle Hayne Estate Planning Attorney

You’ve given your family a great life.

It’s time to make a thorough estate plan to protect your family’s future. Professional estate planning services may assist in preserving the life you have built for future generations when it comes to leaving a legacy. At Johnson Legal, PLLC, you require an estate planning lawyer with experience. Set up your appointment with our family law office today to review your estate planning objectives. Finding a Castle Hayne estate planning attorney who can address your concerns and give you peace of mind is essential, whether you are just starting an estate plan for the first time or need assistance updating your documentation.

Getting Ready to Meet With Your Estate Planning Lawyers

The average household income in Castle Hayne was $45,149 in 2019, compared to a per capita income of $29,079 nationwide. This wealth might be dispersed among many accounts or be represented by personal belongings. Take stock of your assets and list your valuables, including real estate, financial accounts, and other items, if you’re getting ready to make your first estate plan.

The estate planning process is more straightforward when your assets are accurately defined. Estate planning lawyers in North Carolina will want to examine these lists.

Here’s an example of what to include:

  • Checking, savings, retirement, internet, cryptocurrency wallets, insurance, annuities, and other bank accounts.
  • Jewelry, artwork, collectibles, family heirlooms, NFTs, and other personal possessions
  • Investments like stocks, bonds, and securities

Our estate planning attorneys also advise that the person you choose as executor be informed of the whereabouts of any pertinent paperwork. Keep a list of important passwords in a secure location so your will may contain directions on where to find them.

Castle Hayne, NC Statistics

According to Data USA, the 2020 median income was $48,750. This number represents a 10.9% increase over the last year. The average property value increased to $202,800 in 2020. This is a 15.3% increase in value. This site also reports an increase in the number of properties occupied by the owner. At 76.6%, homeownership is higher than the national average of 64.4%. Since the statistics show that residents of Castle Hayne, NC, typically own their homes, speaking to an estate planning attorney regarding planning for their homes would be a good idea.

Estate Planning Resources in Castle Hayne, NC

The estate planning lawyers at Johnson Legal have a knack for simplifying complicated processes into ones that are simple to comprehend. Explore the resources on our website to learn more about the topic, and get in touch with an estate planning attorney at our law office if you have any inquiries. There are so many factors to consider when making an estate plan. While your Castle Hayne estate planning attorney is a very important one, these are a few more to consider:

Financial Advisor

You’ve done a great job amassing wealth. Let’s make sure you keep it and that you have enough to give to the next generation. Consider employing the services of a financial advisor

Shannon Chiarello, Edward Jones
894-1 South Kerr Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28403

Here are a few more sites with legal services you might find helpful.

Small Estate Affidavit

You could skip the probate procedure by submitting an Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property if your loved one dies away without leaving a will. A small estate is one where the whole personal property is valued at less than $20,000, according to North Carolina real estate law.

North Carolina Judicial Branch

Do you have any further queries concerning North Carolina’s estate planning laws? Issues concerning estate planning are addressed on the North Carolina Judicial Branch website.

New Hanover County Courthouse

You may access forms, a contact directory, a court schedule, and other estate planning and administration materials on the New Hanover County Courthouse website.

New Hanover County Courthouse

316 Princess St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

An Estate Planning Attorney You Can Trust

The Johnson Legal team values family beyond anything else. Because of this, we are dedicated to assisting clients of Castle Hayne and their families in navigating estate administration issues. Are you near Castle Hayne? Get legal counsel from a Castle Hayne, NC, estate planning lawyer from Johnson Legal who has experience with probate law.

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Here at Johnson Legal, we are very experienced estate planning lawyers with a keen skill for breaking down complex estate planning processes into language that is easy to understand. Let us help you plan your estate. Whether it is to establish a trust, create a will, or help you with other estate planning and administration needs, you can get all done here. Contact us today for a consultation if you need help planning your estate.

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FAQ: Estate Planning in Castle Hayne, NC

Before I pass away, I wish to leave my house to my children. Is that possible?

You may gift property to a minor in North Carolina without worrying about taxes until they reach 18, according to the North Carolina Uniform Transfer to Minors Act.

Is it possible to probate a will secretly from the creditors' eyes?

Unfortunately, no. This is not a private proceeding, and the estate’s earnings should be used to pay creditors. Your legal agent must inform all creditors of your passing and pay any unpaid debts. Reach out to the estate planning lawyers at Johnson Legal for options on keeping your estate giftings private.

Will my spouse be taken care of if I don't have a will when I pass away?

A surviving spouse might be entitled to a lump sum payment from the estate of the dead spouse’s personal property under North Carolina state law.

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