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Wrightsville Beach Estate Planning Attorney

Everyone had a good time on vacation at Wrightsville Beach, especially the kids. The area had so many things to do. The beach, museums, stores, restaurants, and watersports completely captured your heart. You just had to make it your home. Now you are a Wrightsville Beach resident with significant assets, and you need to ensure your family worries for nothing in the future. It’s time to find a Wrightsville estate planning attorney to help you create a strong estate plan to protect your family and assets.

Set Up a Strong Estate Plan

Is there a history of terminal illness in your family? Have you thought about what would happen if you developed dementia or Alzheimer’s? Or what would happen to you or your children in the event of an unexpected accident? A strong estate plan is essential in planning for the unexpected. It protects your children, your financial assets, and your last wishes.

Estate Planning Components

There are three major components to planning your estate. They include creating a last will and testament, incapacity documents (living will, HIPPA authorization, financial power of attorney, and health care power of attorney), and trusts as needed. While estate planning terminology can be confusing, it’s important to understand key differences. While a will refers to how you would like your property and assets to be distributed upon your death, a living will outlines your advanced medical directive.

Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is a legal document that outlines a person’s last wishes pertaining to their physical and financial assets. The document outlines specific instructions for what is to be done with assets like real estate, stock, and material possessions upon the person’s death.


A trust is a legal document that allows you to decide how and when your property and assets are distributed to your heirs or beneficiaries after death. In estate planning, trusts generally protect assets and transfer them to your selected beneficiaries. They can also help avoid taxes on certain aspects of your estate.

The biggest benefit of trusts in estate planning is they allow you to give your assets to beneficiaries directly, bypassing probate court. Different types of trusts, like living trusts and irrevocable trusts, can be used to properly protect your assets and keep them out of probate. Establishing trusts can be complex.

That’s where we come in.

The qualified estate planning attorneys at Johnson Legal can help you establish trusts so that your assets go exactly where you want them to go after you’re gone.

Living Will and Advanced Directives in Estate Planning

In North Carolina, there are different kinds of advance directives. If you become incapable of making decisions for yourself, these legal documents allow you to express your wishes, be they temporary or final wishes.

Living Will

A living will is a legal document that details a person’s wishes regarding their medical treatment in circumstances in which they can no longer give informed consent, especially an advance directive. This living will is a healthcare directive that informs the doctor of your wishes for life-sustaining measures and end-of-life care.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

If you want someone to be able to decide on your behalf, if you cannot make your own treatment decisions, you can name them in a healthcare power of attorney. This document gives the person you name as a healthcare agent broad authority to make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you cannot, or are unable to, make them for yourself.

Consider your preferences for life-sustaining procedures, mental health care, and other healthcare decisions. This agent may make any healthcare decisions you could make yourself, except for any limitations or restrictions you express specifically on this form.

Hire an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Here at Johnson Legal, we are experienced estate planning lawyers with a knack for breaking down complex estate planning processes into language that is easy to understand. We’re here to help you plan your estate. We can help you establish a trust, create a will, or help you with other estate planning and administration needs. Contact us today for a consultation if you need help planning your estate.

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Wrightsville Beach Estate Planning FAQs:

What happens if I don't have a will in North Carolina?

Even if you’ve never created a will, the state of North Carolina has laws that address how to distribute your possessions in the event of your passing without one.

This is where Intestacy law comes in. In essence, that just means that if you don’t have a will, the state will distribute your property and assets based on the legal processes in place, which may or may not align with how you want them distributed.

I have an estate plan that I made years ago. How do I know if I need to update it?

Anytime your wishes alter or after a significant life event, you should update your estate plan.

These are some examples of events that may inspire a change in your estate plan:

  • You purchase or inherit real estate
  • You sell or lose assets
  • Your charitable interests shift
  • You get married
  • You have a new baby or adopt a child

Who is the executor of an estate?

The executor of your estate is the main point of contact for enforcing the provisions of your will. When the will is finished, give them a copy. They pay creditors, distribute the assets to your beneficiaries and close up your estate based on your final wishes.

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