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Operating a small business can be a rewarding professional choice, but the law becomes ever more complex year to year. Thankfully, a business lawyer can help you protect the company you have worked hard to create by limiting your liability as you walk through daily transactions with customers, vendors, and partners. At Johnson Legal, we will provide you with legal advice and expert counsel so your business can thrive.

If you are starting a business, operating an ongoing concern, or preparing to sell your ownership in a company, a Wilmington business attorney can help. Our law firm is ready to provide support to protect small business owners from legal issues through every stage of your business.

Do you need help starting, improving, or protecting your business near North Carolina? If so, seek legal advice from one of the business law attorneys. Contact our experienced professionals at Johnson Legal to schedule your consultation today.

Business Creation or Purchase

Starting your company is the exciting first step to becoming a business owner. Choosing the proper legal entity at the beginning of this process is essential in laying a solid foundation for your small business or recently purchased organization. The advantages of various entities of limited liability, protection of personal assets, and favorable tax treatment are only available if an entity is formed correctly, respected, and maintained.​​

Wilmington business attorneys can help you create your business from the ground up, or assist you in buying an ongoing business. Regardless of your situation, working with a Wilmington small business attorney will increase your chances of creating a long-lasting and successful organization.

Ongoing Operation

A business can take up most of your waking hours. Do not let the details of compliance go overlooked. It is wise to have a professional review of operations and administration beyond an annual accounting audit or review. When was the last time you looked at and revised your employee handbook? Business laws constantly change, and we can help you remain in compliance.

Need a hand with lease negotiation or addressing a disagreement with a vendor or franchisor? Call us today. ​We are here to help you with your ongoing processes to ensure you take the proper steps to secure your business.

Preparing to Sell or Retire

Whether you are starting a new pursuit or are preparing for retirement, this final step of the process is critical and should be done hand-in-hand with a legal professional. Beyond the valuation, negotiation, and sales contract, your personal position should be evaluated. How will the transaction impact your tax rate? If retaining ownership, how should the interest held or conveyed maximize the benefit to your heirs?

These questions related to business succession planning are crucial to consider if you want your legacy to last even after you sell your business or retire. Working with a business attorney will give you peace of mind as you go through the final stage of running your small business. Even if you are a few years from making these decisions, there is always time to start planning.

Why Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

Ultimately, a business attorney’s goal is to help you succeed as a small business owner. They will help you understand small business law, create the necessary legal documents, handle related legal matters, and create a business structure that suits your needs. Once you create your organization, your lawyer will help you protect and grow your business. An experienced lawyer will help you prevent liabilities that result in lawsuits or other issues. Your lawyer will provide sound legal advice if you have a question or concern about your company or business law. If you decide to retire or sell your business, an attorney can help you with this process.

Hiring a Wilmington business lawyer ensures that your company’s future is secure. Are you interested in starting your own business? If so, contact a Wilmington, North Carolina, business attorney from Johnson Legal today. Call us now to schedule your consultation.

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Frequently (un)asked questions

Can I settle a business dispute outside of court?

In most cases, you can settle a business dispute outside of court. This is recommended because going to court takes time, money, and effort. With the help of a lawyer, you can create a solution that benefits both you and the other parties.

Do I need an employee handbook?

It is essential for even small businesses or new businesses to create an employee handbook. An employee handbook can help you avoid liabilities. Consult with your lawyer to develop an employee handbook that clearly outlines business guidelines for your employees.

How can I secure my business ideas?

Your personal business ideas are what make your business unique and profitable. To protect these ideas, you can utilize a non-disclosure agreement, which prohibits employees from sharing personal business information with outside parties. A business attorney can tell you about other practices you can implement to protect your intellectual property.

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